My father told me great bedtime stories every night when I was just a little child. I remember the excitement thinking about what would happen to the amazing characters. Since then I've always been fascinated by great stories. Before I started up as a wedding photographer I was working  as a journalist in both newspapers, radio and television. On my mother’s side we have the artists. My mother paints and so does her sister. At my mother’s house you’ll  find canvases all around the place and those pictures also had stories to tell! So, it did not take me long to understand that I needed to tell stories and express myself creatively.

I’ve always loved photography and bought my first Dslr when I was only 14 years old!  At that point it was only for fun and I never considered it to become my profession. I learned the basics of the darkroom, shooting black and white film. Soon thereafter I moved into digital. I slowly started to realise I could tell the stories I had in me, but I also understood I knew how to capture the stories around me, the small things that happened every day.


After years of  portrait- and corporate photography, it was liberating capturing real life. And that is partly why I love shooting weddings. It’s got its rules and you know everything that will happen, and yet you know nothing. Every wedding is completely different and I love being there to capture their day and I hate being in the way. You seldom find me running around telling people what to do, hauling flashes and umbrellas from room to room. I try and walk in with a sense of naivety. I try and capture the events as they happen.

I know the story is there, all the beauty and drama, all the characters and the details. I’ve started to trust the day. It will be beautiful, people will be relaxed with me around, I don’t have to tell them what to do, where to look. I watch the story unveil and try to capture every bit of it. Today I work as a photographer capturing these things the way I see them.

I’ve realised I’m good at telling stories – long and short – mine and others – and there’s nothing I love more. I don’t need to do much, the stories are already there. You seldom see me creating moments, telling the groomsmen to “fight” with the groom or hear me tell dad to hug his daughter before walking her down the aisle. He probably will anyway and if he does, I will capture that moment, because that is what matters.

Over the last 10 years I’ve been incredibly lucky, I’ve shot so many different weddings. The stories I’ve seen made me believe that love truly is all we need. I’ve learned to listen to the stories presented to me. I’m not there to tell mine. I’m there to tell yours.